Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Road to Tebessa - AAR

Played the Road to Tebessa scenario yesterday at Gauntlet. As usual I got so caught up in the game that I didn't take pictures of all the action The game opened with Stukas circling the French defenders of the southern town Bordj Oum Ali (they failed to knock out the guns and only killed three of the defenders) French deployed around El Ma el Abiod Italian troops preparing to attack El Ma el Abiod from the east. German troops massing to the south. Italians commence their assault on the ridge to their north they succeeded in badly damaging one of the Stuarts rushing to support the defenders of El Ma el Abiod (They subsequently fell back fo two turns due to a poor morale check) The Germans decide to deploy the heavy tank company first (The players could bring on one company of their choice each turn) As the Stuarts flee their bigger brothers turn up to deal with the troublesome 20mm AT Rifle The French grimly hold on against the Italian assault The Germans proceed systematically, amassing their forces ready for an assault Having dealt with the AT Rifle the Grants move on to support the French and in a magnificent bit of shhoting take out all the Semovente company The german assault on Bordj Oum Ali gets underway just before the British arrive to reinforce the position Meanwhile the Italians are in serious trouble as the Americans concentrate on them "Where are the Germans, they should have arrived from the south by now?" For the British and French around Bordj Oum Ali things are not looking good either, already they have lost two Crusaders and a pair of 6pounders to the Panzers The US seem content with occupying a blocking position while finishing off the Italians (Their Motorcycle company was down to 5 figures by the game end, but had continually passed their morale checks) Finishing of the French defenders of Bordj Oum Ali and the remaining 6 pounders the Panzers push on as the Valentines flee The one success for the Royal Horse Artillery one heavy and one light damage inflicted on the Tiger US driving the Italian remnants south A final Stuka strike manages to disable the US commander's tank Game end - the Germans were on a roll and looked strong enough to defeat the Americans as they had very minimal losses. Rules were Rapid Fire