Sunday, March 1, 2009

Terrain test - Vietri

To get a feel for what is possble on the planned battlefield for the game I tried laying out what was possible based on the existing proposal from Counterpane

The sea was made from a single sheet of opaque plastic from Paperchase I painted the reverse with blue paint and I will dry brush some waves onto it. The two sticks mark the extent of the 4' x 2' table. I have left the main hills on top of the cloth to give a better idea of location.

The hill behind Vietri is slightly undersized , but it can be seen that with the size of Vietri village I have used it effectively fills the gap. From the map it looks like the side of the hill next to the Village is a cliff.

The are to the left of the village looks quite sparse, but I'll fill it up with walls, vineyards, small hills, etc. Te Italian coastal OP can be seen on the extreme left.

The buildings I'll create for the game will be similar to that on the left. The one displayed has the right footprint, but is to short as it is scaled for 15mm.

A copy of the map used.