Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Carronade pics

OK, so I'm back from Carronade and listening to Gin Blossoms on the stereo while I let you know how it went.

The battle of the Krefeld Salient resulted in a narrow NATO victory and provided a great opportunity to let the good wargamers of Scotland know about SOTCW. The Falkirk club are to be congratulated on a well-run and enjoyable show.

As usual click on the pics to see larger versions. The first shot (below) shows the battlefield from the west with the British entering the battle area. The Brits (commanded by Richard Crawley) deployed as two battalion sized forces - an infantry battalion less one company and reinforced by a squadron of Challengers advanced between the railway line and the secondary road on the left (foreground of the picture below) while a tank heavy force (the rest of the Challenger regiment plus a company of mechanised infantry) straddled the Autobahn.

Here (below) we see the battlefield from the eastern corner. The Soviets split their force into two commands - the mechanised infantry hid in the woods either side of the Autobahn bridge whilst the T-72 battalion lined up on the large hill on the northeast bank. The CO and his supporting elements took up a position on the right flank.

We managed to get a number of players to join in. This is Callum - he was a wicked dice roller!
The Soviet airsupport table seemed to have a glitch. Whatever interesting units I included Stuart only ever rulled a 3 or a 4 so kept getting the MiG 27. Here we see it contributing to the destruction of the British infantry company that tried to dash across the secondary bridge.

Jim McCoy joined us for an hour or two and was a most welcome addition to the British personnel. Jim himself would have been involved in the war had it happened!

The Brits were luckier on the air support table - here we see three Harriers going in for the kill.

Stuart and Jim enjoy a break.

Stuart desperately tries to find some intact Warpact forces to move!

But it's not enough - as turn ten draws to a close, a cluster of 4s, 5s and 6s inflicts decimates the reinforcing T-80 company and the Soviet rearguard starts to break contact.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Carronade game - first pictures

I popped into Carronade for a short while in transit to points North. I'm please to reveal that the Game was underway and casualties were already being inflicted on both sides.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Krefeld Salient Terrain Test

My terrain cloth looked a bit monotone in some previous pics so I decided to try adding some texture by sponging on some paint. Let me know what you think. A bit too bright?

The new railway bridge (above) is by Irregular Miniatures. I've also added a Sukhoi Su-24 (Scotia) and an East German MiG-21 (Navwar? - had it for years partially-painted but only finished it this week).

And finally one of three electricity pylons from Lasermodellbau.de