Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crossing the Lippe, August 1985

A group of Lancashire and Yorkshire-based SOTCW members today put on a Cold War Commander game at the Hammerhead show in Newark. The venue's a bit gloomy but hopeflly these pics will give an idea of how it went.

Here's Rob Connolly setting up the Soviet forces.

The white lines are ridge lines; they block line of sight in a more realistic way than the small hills usually seen on wargames tables.
The scenario involved a Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment (less one MR battalion but reinforced by an East German T-55 battalion) advancing from the north (left of table in this shot) and attempting to establish a bridgehead on the southern bank of the Lippe.

We diced randomly for air superiority each turn. A Luftwaffe F-104G showed when the NATO side had air superiority.

One of my new Su-15 Flagons indicated Warsaw Pact air superiority.

Phil Gray particularly asked for this shot - Soviet Air Force menaces Stuart Adams's Chieftain squadron.

Here we see the Warsaw Pact forces approaching the river. They continue to take heavy casualties among the Motor Rifle Battalions, many infantry dying whilst still mounted in their BTR-70s. The T-55s and T-62s are unable to do much to the enemy Chieftains.

T-62s attempt to cross a hastily laid bridge in the teeth of heavy fire from the Carl Gustavs of British infantry lurking in the woods.

In the west, The T-55s move up to cross the railway bridge. They were to get across only to roll double sixes on their next command roll. The resulting command blunder led to them withdrawing back across the bridge never to return!
Not long after this shot was taken the Soviet force reached its break point and failed its next command roll. The British had held the River line!

Thanks to Rob Connolly, Stuart Adams, and Phil Gray for playing. It was good to meet up with some other members (Hi, Rob!) and some potential members.