Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SOTCW Participation Game this Summer

Phil Gray has organised a game for SOTCW to put on at British cons this summer.  I shall certainly be helping out at Triples.  Come along, it should be fun:

Operation Kutusov  - A SoTCW participation game

Based on an incident recounted in the book "Panzer Destroyer - a Red Army
tank commander's memoir" by Vasily Krysov, the SoTCW offers you the chance
to help run/ take part in the Soviet counter-strike against Model's Northern
pincer at Kursk.

The players take the part of Soviet platoon commanders leading T34-76 or
Su-122s into battle against a makeshift German defence.  There will be
supporting infantry, artillery and airpower, but these are the umpires to
command,  as are the Germans. The game is designed so that players can walk
up and take part at any point, with a personal mission to achieve. The rules
are based on Crusader's "Rate of Fire" set.

The game showcases the revamped WW2 range from the Curteys of 1st Corps and
some new buildings from Dave Bodley  of Grand Manner, and will be presented
at Salute, Triples, Partizan and Claymore as well as Derby in 2012.

To take part, leave a comment :-)