Monday, July 6, 2009

The game - Will's view

Well Gauntlet is over for another year and all the attendees seem to have enjoyed themselves.

I only took pictures of the SOTCW game at the show other pictures will appear over on the Deeside Defenders site shortly

. I produced all the terrain with the exception of the excellent terraced hills by Richard Crawley. The bunker above Vietri was Richards as well, it is rather over sized, but it would have been a shame not to have used it.

The high point must have been the random event air strike that succeeded in taking out a Panzer IIIN. These random events could occur during the normal turn sequence, but a card could be drawn and played by a passer-by in return for a small donation to charity. Andrew paid for two cards and drew a pair of air strikes. The first was driven off, but the second dropped two bombs, both on target and both gave a destroyed result.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little Time Left

Not long to go now.  I have to get the hill above Vietri finished and I'm wrestling between the prospect of spending the evening applying sand and glue and consuming a large amount of cheap Californian red wine. 

Think I'll put Millie to bed and see how I feel afterwards....


Just beyond the Chiunzi pass is the town of Pagani on the mail road to Vietri/Salerno


More pre-game reconnaisance, this time the village of Dragonea