Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gauntlet preparations (3)

The roads are now finished so here's an impression of the finished table. On the day I will need to add more lines of stones, which define crest line and therefore limits line of sight. German deployment zone and entry road on the left, the village of Bordj Oum Ali, occupied by the French in the centre El Ma el Abiod also occupied by the French the Italians will arrive along the road at the bottom. I've also rebased my Foreign Legion who will provide part of the French garrison

Gauntlet - Road to Tebessa scenario

I was informed that there was nothing explaining what the game was about. It's a what-if scenario set during the Tunisian campaign in 1943 with a mixture of forces from all the major combatants. to quote the author Warwick Young "This fictional battle represents an action that took place instead of the conflagration at Kasserine. Mixed Axis units attacked from the Thelepte area northwards, along a road up a valley, with the aim of capturing Tebessa. They were halted by French defences in the towns of Bordj Oum Ali (to the south) and El Ma el Abiod (to the north), reinforced by British and American mixed units." It is available as a pdf (link)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Preparing for Gauntlet (2)

Spent most of yesterday sorting out the hills, that meant breaking up the existing hills and glueing them together in new configurations to match the battlefield plan as far as possible. The large ridge behind Bordj Oum Ali and El Ma el Abiod made of of four components If like me you were struggling to see how it might look here's it covered with the cloths, I've slightly scaled down the size of the villages. Will

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prepartion for Gauntlet (1)

Attempted to lay out the terrain for the Gauntlet game on the Garage floor. View down the US entry road, Italians will appear on the left and British on the right German deployment zone, bottom right, I had run out of road and need to create another metre for the game Overview , the French will occupy the two villages, which I think I'll reduce in size. The hill on the right needs to be bigger. There should be a long ride separating the Italians and Americans and another hill between the British and US entry roads Just over two weeks to go - should be feasible!