Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday in Barnsley

The Gathering this weekend was a pleasant and successful event thanks to the cheerful participation of the visiting SOTCW members and local Barnsley club members and in particular thanks to the organising efforts of Mark Kniveton.

We ended up with five games (I left my Arc of Fire game it is boxes as we didn't need it).  On the "big table" Mark Kniveton ran the Battle for Lingevres in 28mm using Disposable Heroes.  This looked really good and kept its four or five players enthralled all day.  Here we see a Panther that's just taken a fatal penetrating hit on the mantlet from the Sherman Firefly in the distance.

We had a couple of small, fast play games.  Phil Gray presented "The Men From Del Monte" in which, hours after Pearl Harbor, USAAF B-17s operating from dispersal fields on a Del Monte pineapple plantation, try to launch ad hoc bombing raids against the Japanese.  Meanwhile, Gordon Hanson ran his
short game "Intervention Strategy".

Meanwhile, a couple of the Barnsley members put on a very pretty Rapid Fire game:

And I got to play in Rob Connolly's epic Plickem Ridge game.  This was a Square Bashing game using the authentic order of battle for this bloody sector of the Passchendaele campaign.  Phil took on the role of General Blackadder (no, really, one of the British commanders actually was...) and Carl Luxford and I took the Germans.

The muddy fields of Flanders can be seen below.  Huge mass of Brits in front of Phil in the foreground; thin line of gallant Landsers in front of Carl in the distance:

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Map of Barnsley

This map shows where to park your fuel guzzling, CO2 belching, death machine.

I'll be bringing mine ;-)