Friday, February 20, 2009

Terrain thoughts

Having got Sunday’s Andreivia game out of the way, I’m back in the saddle as far as thinking about Salerno is concerned.

I took delivery on Sunday of Stuart Adams’s rather splendid Ranger battalion so what with Will’s mortars (see below) we’re now sorted for Yanks. I’ll do some pics of Stuart’s models later.

The next issue requiring our attention is the terrain. My first thought is to make sure we can do the basic cloths over plastic trays terrain approach we used last year. Will has offered to build the villages (though I can do at least one if Will struggles) so the main features we need to present are Chiunzi Pass (windy road going up hill steeply), the beaches (Maiori and Vietri), and the German coastal battery above Vietri.

I noted with interest that the members of The Guild ( in planning their Big Game have standardised base colours for figures. Now this is probably a step too far for us (many of the figures are already done and need to fit in with our own collections) but it might be an idea for our terrain.

Games Workshop may produce some over-priced tat but their paints are generally good and they’re widely available. Even if we didn’t actually use them for painting our bases, they are at least an easy way of specifying colour information. I shall try some combinations of base colour and dry-brushed highlight and see if I can get a reasonable match to photos of the area.


tzunder said...

I know I am awful busy but do let me know if an Andreivan game pops up.

Counterpane said...


The Andreivian Tales blog would be a good place to seek work of such things

Counterpane said...

...or even word.