Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Events

It's snowing here in Yorkshire and I'm stuck at home as the kids haven't been able to get to school.  So there's just a little time to mention upcoming events.

Over the April 30th - May 2nd weekend there will be an SOTCW Gathering at Huzzah! in Portland, Maine.  (Go on admit it: those of you of a certain age and musical disposition are now "Rolling down the 295 out of Portland, Maine").  I'm hoping Dean Emmerson will be signing up here so he can tell you more about it.  

The Gauntlet crew (without me; I'm at Cornbury Festival) are putting on The Siege of Tifaruin, a Rif War extravaganza over the weekend 4th - 5th July.

And I'm planning on getting up to Carronade in Falkirk on the 8th May.  This year sees the 25th anniversary of the events in General Sir John Hackett's "The Third World War".  I'm considering a 6mm game based on the book using Cold War Commander but if any of the local members have a better idea I'm keen to hear what they have to say.

 - Richard C 

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Tinned Stew said...

Dear Richard, Carronade is one of my regular trips North of the Tweed -care for company on the journey? Not sure what Neil McD's plans - maybe we could team up at the show?

I *think* I have a bunch of mid 80s brit, german, russian and chinese H&R micro stuff that might be ok...