Sunday, February 28, 2010

NATO pushes ahead

Stuart, Phil and I took the first draft of the Krefeld Salient game to the Maltby Club today. The forces used were those currently intended for the final game but the terrain was just what we could throw together.
Jim and Justin look happy enough as the Soviet rearguard commanders. Little do they know...

The NATO force included a couple of Jaguar strike aircraft. These provided lots of fun as they bombed both sides and (see below) empty German factory units.

The were no aircraft units in the Soviet line-up but when the British Forward Air Controller rolled a Command Blunder and was found to have been strafed from the air we couldn't resist deploying this MiG-27.

By the ned of the battle the Soviet forces had been seriously bloodied. The British Challengers were virtually unstoppable. Here we can see them sweeping round the woods and shooting up BMP-2s at close range.

The Soviets were focred beyond their breakpoint and by the end of game turn 5 they needed to roll zero or less on two six sided dice to keep fighting!

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