Monday, March 22, 2010

The (French) Cavalry Are Coming!

One of my plans for this year is to get all of my 6mm stuff painted. I'm more than 35% of the way through the unpainted lead I had on 1st January so it's looking good. What it does mean though is that I'm reluctant to buy more toys for the Krefeld Salient game.

The NATO force is currently using most of the appropriate Western kit I possess some I've been casting though the old and unpainted models wondering what else I could add. The following unit is a result.

These EBR-90s are among the first micro-armour I ever bought. They'll appear in the game as elements of 1er Spahis from 1(Fr) Corps.

In Cold War Commender terms these would be recce troops but I've re-designated them as light armour for the purposes of this game. The cost 20 points less and don't get the special recce abilities.

The EBRs are, I think, H&R (but they may be Skytrex). The Jeep is GHQ, the AML-90 is H&R and the dug in infantry are Irregular Miniatures.

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