Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Japanese have arrived!

I finished painting my Japanese contingent for the game.

As per our decision to go for a 1:1 ratio for the defenders, I`ve done 24 men and four officers (including the two visitors).

Most of the figures are Combat Miniatures 20mm from their Russo-Japnaese War range.

The bulk of my force, painted up as line infantry in tropical uniform and light order equipment. The yellow hat band indicates a line regiment, the red shoulder boards are for their infantry branch of service.

Imperial Guard in full kit and dress uniform. Red hat band indicates they are Imperial Guard, once again red shoulder flashes for infantry branch of service.

Naval ratings (Elheim Figures - British Naval Landing Party)

Imperial Guard Lt. Haraj (converted standard bearer), Naval Capt. Morita (Elheim naval officer)

Capt. Ando, Col. Shirba - military attache (painted up with green hat band and shoulder boards as a cavalry officer)

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