Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hook-up with The Baggage Train

Steve Oates at The Baggage Train has recently completed work on his 1/300th scale Arnhem Bridge model and it's now available to buy.  The model is an awesome 80cm long and you can be add Steve's extension modules to represent the bridge at Nijmegen. To celebrate this, we've agreed to put on a game using this and some other models from Steve's range.

Now I don't suggest that we try to build Arnhem town in 1/300th - that would involve thousands of buildings and, I suspect, wouldn't work brilliantly as a game - so I've taken the liberty of transplanting the bridge to the north African republic of Maghrebia.  Maghrebia looks remarkably like Libya in its geography but there is more than a hint of Iran about the make-up of its armed forces.

For at least some of next year's games, then, SOTCW will be presenting the Spanish invasion of north Africa!  I propose to use Cold War Commander rules and to set up a "matrix campaign" where the result of each game takes us down one of a number of possible paths to the next action.

More later!

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