Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tifaruin, a trial layout

With just over two months to go till Gauntlet I though I's better try a quick test of the terrain so I could see what was needed. The hills will go under the cloth, but I will need to construct some larger versions to correspond better with Richard B's map. This is all laid out on my 9' x 5' table tennis table

View from the west, Afrau on the coast and Tifaruin inland to the south

View from the east with Sidi Messaud

view from the north

Overall it's a bit tight on the north/south axis, so I'll either reduce the area covered by sea or expand the width to 6'.

So my immediate plan is to create the large hills needed, more palm groves to replace my deciduous trees (I've still got a pile in a box somewhere in the attic), then work on upgrading the villages, including addin a dock to Afrau.

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