Monday, July 4, 2011

55 Days At Peking - Richard C's pics

As we've had plenty of pictures of the models, I thought some pictures of the players and surroundings might be of interest.

From left to right:  Pete Jones, Jamie Crawley (partly hidden), Gary Hinchliffe, Ian Shaw, Meic, Peter, Alan Fleming, Richard Baber and Will (floating head) McNally.

And here's Ian Shaw with his lunch.

Oh, no, sorry - that was Adam who ran the American civilians for an hour or so on day 2.


Fire at Will said...

Richard we still have the SOTCW banner.


Counterpane said...

Yeah, thanks Will, I've emailed with Pete about it. We remembered as we passed Morrison's on the way into Chester but my time restrictions didn't allow me to turn around.


Anonymous said...

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