Monday, July 4, 2011

55 Days at Peking - Will's pictures

This is just my collection of photos from the game, Pete's report (next post down) is more comprehensive and it's better to read his report first.

The Boxers make an early rush at the French legation (figures provided by Alan Owen a SOTCW member in Denmark specially for the game)
For some reason Luigi and his ice cream cart was in Peking. But sensibly left the Italian Legation early. Counters in the legations reflect the mix of supplies available to the national contingents
After the officers staff conference in the British Legation an explosion occurred in the rear wall conveniently allowing the Russian and American officers a quick route back to their own legations
All quiet in US and Russian legations with no officers around to order people about
But not for long as waves of boxers attacked the US legation
An unfortunate problem at the important bridge on Legation Street
Thornhill's Roughs and the Japanese prepare to defend the little Fu.
French looking vulnerable after both the Austrian and Italian legations were abandoned
Alan's Boxers again (with some quick basing) attacking the British legation
Fort Halliday under attack from a random band of Boxers. Clear plastic CDs were used as movement trays for large boxer groups)
Frenchmen being slaughtered as they defend an outer position.
French legation under severe threat, The Austrians abandoned their gun just after their officer was hospitalised due to sunstroke, note the Boxers on the right heading off to the Japanese Legation now held by Italians
A major thrust by the Boxers through the Imperial Carriage Park against the British Legation
The Boxers didn't ignore the Germans (who won the prize for the least enterprising national contingent as they stayed hunkered down behind their walls for almost the complete siege.
Boxers massing against the Little Fu, which would shortly fall. The Boxers at bottom left had just wiped out the Japanese defenders on the outer defenses
The French in real trouble, with no ammunition left they have fallen back to a position inside the legation. Those boxers mentioned earlier have sneaked round and entered the Japanese Legation from the rear.
The retreating Italians meet up with the International gun and the quote of the game Losing one legation is unfortunate, losing two is just careless
Shortly after this a random shell hit the bridge causing the international gun to drop into the waters of the Imperial Canal without firing a shot.

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