Monday, November 17, 2008

Achse and Avalanche

Hi!  Welcome to the new blog that's designed to help set up SOTCW's participation game for Gauntlet 2009.

Our game this time takes its title from the code names of the two opposing operations.  Achse (Axis) was the German plan in September 1943 to disarm their allies in the event of a unilateral Italian withdrawal from the war.  Avalanche was the Allied plan to land a major force at Salerno in central Italy, capture Naples and advance quickly to Rome knocking the Italians out of the war.

As it happened, the Italians surrendered anyway, a fact that was announced to the troops as they approached the invasion beaches - with dire results for morale in some cases; the Germans were not about to allow a walkover.

We'll be using this blog to track the development of the game, to share research, and to make sure we have all the necessary toys available.  You should also get to see some nice models as we go along.

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