Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AOP 654

I've now managed to confirm the details of a unit I'd come across references to in one of the accounts of the battle.

654 Air Observation Post Squadron RAF was attached to British X Corps at the time of the invasion. This unit, flying Taylorcraft Auster MkIII spotter planes at the time, directed naval and later shore based artillery fire in support of the infantry.

It's by no means necessary to have 654 AOP Sqn represented in the game but if anyone can find an Auster MkIII kit and wants to have a go, I ain't stopping them!

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Fire at Will said...

I was planning to make an Auster AOP anyway, so add it to my list. I was going to use the Airfix Auster, so I'm not sure how close it would be to a Mk III