Monday, November 17, 2008

Rob Connolly Signing In -

Typical me, long on chat, short on 15mm figures/terrain/anything else.

Currently reading through Hugh Pond's "Salerno"*, after having read the relevant section in the "Firepower" chaps book - what's their name again? Ah! Shelford & Bidwell. History of the war in Italy; detailed on the Allied side, rather less so on the Axis, and thankfully avoids the "Teutonic Supermen with State Of the Art Weapons Only Defeated By - By - Er - The End" syndrome. Given lower interest rates in 2009, I confidently expect to be reading the other recommended volume in a couple of months.

*Terrific cover illustration for a 1961 Pan paperback; I recognise the style but don't know the artist's name.

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Conrad said...

"3:30 pm"???
It's 23:45 in the evening!
Besides, if I'd posted at 3:30 pm, then I'd have been in work, and that would *never* do.