Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gauntlet Preparations (4)

Preparations continue, checking the OOBs I found I needed more tanks than I had available, in particular four M3 Lees for the US forces. I've compromised with the single Airfix M3 from the stash, plus a pair of "Russian" M3's with replacement turrets painted up for the US in North Africa. They'll pass muster provided no one reads the logos on the front plates. To complete the set there is an Airfix Sherman that was in my trading box painted up appropriately. For the Axis I needed another long barrelled Panzer IV so I utilised the ready assembled Airfix model from the stash, but when I sorted out the Fujimi ones I had I found they didn't have decals so some work had to be done on these to make them consistent.

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