Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Road to Tebessa - the British

Regular ,
1 x car with 3 figures
1 radio truck
Elements, 84th Light Antiaircraft Battery
1 x Bofors 40mm AA gun, 3 crew
1 x light truck
1 x OP carrier with 2 figures
B Squadron, 1st Derbyshire Yeomanry
Regular ,
1 x recon Daimler II armoured car
2 x recon Humber II armoured car
2 x recon Daimler scout cars
1 x recon jeep with MG and 3 figures
C Squadron, 17/21 Lancers
2 x Crusader III
2 x Valentine III
B Company, 10th Rifle Brigade
2 x light trucks with 8 figures
1 x light truck with MMG, ATR and 6 figures
2 x recon carriers with 3 figures each
254th Battery, 72nd Antitank Regiment
4 x 6-pounder AT guns with 3 crew each
4 x light trucks
Attached, Off-Board
C Battery, 12th RHA Regiment
2 x 25-pounder field guns

Deployment: All units start off-board. Recon squadron enters on turn 1 on southwest road. Thereafter, the commander may to bring a unit of his choice on the battlefield per turn on either the southwest or northwest roads.

Units may be held back, but all remaining units must enter the battlefield on turn 8.

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