Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Road to Tebessa - the Italians

XVI (16th) Battalion, 10th Bersaglieri Regiment
1 x car with 3 figures
1 x radio truck
1 x recon AB-41
Motorcycle Company
3 x platoons of 8 figures with motorcycles
1 x support platoon with MMG 6 figures and a light truck
Motorized Company
3 x trucks with 8 figures
1 x truck with MMG and 6 figures
AT Company
Regular ,
2 x 47mm AT guns with 3 crew and a light trucks
AA Battery
Regular ,
1 x Autocannone 90 (truck-mounted 90L53)
101st Semovente Battalion
Regular ,
4 x Semovente L40
103rd Company, 10th Arditi Regiment
Veteran ,
2 x recon AS 42 Sahariana 20mm AA and 3 crew
1 x recon TL37 47mm AT and 3 crew
1 x recon TL37 with 20mm ATR and 3 crew.
1st Battery, 5th “Superga” Artillery Regiment
1 x 75mm howitzer

Deployment: The HQ, Motorcycle Company, 103rd Arditi Company may begin the game on the battlefield; they must be placed within 25cm of the east board edge and the east road. All other units may enter on the east road when the commander desires, but no more than one unit may arrive in a turn. Units may be held back, but all remaining units must enter the battlefield on turn 8.

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